Why I Love New York


Life has been a whirlwind lately so I apologize for my lack of posts. Weeks like this past one definitely makes me miss Hawaii, the people, my support system, my boyfriend, my babies, the FOOD, along with so many other things. But instead of complaining about not being there, I'm going to revisit why I love New York.

I love the change in seasons. I love ice skating in Central Park, and drinking hot chocolate. I love the Brooklyn Bridge Park even though everyone else considers it cliche. I love how driven everyone is here, how they keep pushing forward and never settle. I love my neighborhood and my 12 block walk home from the train station. I love brunch in Soho, and wandering around the West Village. I love cute, photogenic, amazingly good coffee, coffee shops. I also love Starbucks and that the one by where I work knows my name and has my order ready by the time I pay. I love the fast pace. I love how people are always in a rush even though sometimes they legitimately don't need to be. I love how I can be productive on my commutes. I love how when I get out of work late and catch an Uber home, I get to see the city from a car and it gives me the feeling as if it's the first I've ever seen it. I love that even though you've been to a place so many times you can always get a different perspective on it.  I love how you can completely and utterly be yourself here and it's accepted; that you own who you are instead of trying to conform. I love the city, yet always find myself ending up in Central Park. I love the immensity of things here. I love the view of the Empire State Building during sunset when the city lights first turn on. 

I love that those who love NYC love it for different reasons. I love that New York is blunt; it isn't nice, but it gives you exactly what you need and will make you be a better person for that.