Second shooters
& why they're important


Second shooters are so valuable to have, even for intimate weddings, which is why I have included a second shooter in all of my wedding collections. Here are some ways that they add value to you and your wedding day:

Different locations: Prior to your wedding ceremony, the bridal party and groomsmen will get their own photographer. This works especially well for getting ready photos, as well as capturing bridal party photos-while I captured this shot of these gorgeous babes, my second shooter had already captured the shots of the groomsmen, and were on their way to the ceremony site.  

Different perspectives: The different locations doesn't end with the before shots, through out the ceremony and reception, having a second shooter adds a different perspective to the day! As I'm capturing your just married kiss looking down the aisle with all of your guests clapping and cheering behind you, my second shooter is capturing it from the opposite angle.

A backup to the primary shooter: I can't name the amount of times my second has been an enormous help. From capturing the different angles, being able to capture the moments on the opposite side of the reception that I'm not able to get, to fluffing the bride's dress, and helping to get everyone into place for group pictures. 

Overall, a second shooter adds value to your day!

Bridesmaids Picture